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New to Melody's Magical Scents is our Opalite bracelet.


Opalite is believed to alleviate sorrow, depression, and mental illness. Because Opalite is a gemstone embodying optimism and calm, many use it to bring them happiness in times of trouble.

Whether you’re going through a difficult time, suffer from a particular trauma, or have a condition like depression or anxiety, it is said that Opalite may lift your mood and calm your mind.


Opalite is said to help the wearer when sleeping to rid of nightmares and insomnia.


We would like to say, when wearing your Opalite bracelet, please do take care of it and we advise that you make sure that when anything that can damage your bracelet, it is taken off.

Opalite Bracelet

£4.95 通常価格


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